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ISU students attending lecture with journalist, Soledad O'Brien

Student Life

¡Bienvenidos! We welcome you to our student community! Please see our Facebook page for updated events. We are currently working on the 2023 Latinx Heritage month celebration.

Student Organizations

  • ALAS group at the ISU Quad

    Association of Latinx American Students (ALAS)

    ALAS strives to provide the university community with programs and activities that will foster a better understanding and appreciation for the cultural diversity of the Latinx community.

  • ISU Spanish Club visiting Panama

    Spanish Club

    The Illinois State University Spanish Club encourages students and members of the club to improve their knowledge in Spanish as a second language and also to expose them to the Hispanic culture.

  • LGSA logo

    Latine Graduate Student Association

    LGSA is committed to supporting graduate students who identify as Latina/o/x/e in areas that extend beyond academics.

Student Testimonials

  • “Having a minor in this program means that you get to have an amazing selection of what classes you can take and have amazing instructors who want to see you succeed! One of my biggest takeaways from some of my courses is how much I learned about my own communities and what makes us so unique and special. I was able to broaden my perspectives and be pushed out of my comfort zone in a positive way. I was able to grow and expand my knowledge to better understand the world and how we can work together!”

    Joanna Cardona

  • “I found out about this minor during my first year at ISU as a transfer student. As a Spanish Teacher Education major, I think that this minor complements the major well and helps in becoming a well-rounded future educator in the Spanish-speaking world. I have many Latin American and Latino/A friends and their passion for their heritage has instilled a passion within me. In addition, I have relatives from Argentina who I have never met before and I think by having this minor I can connect to them culturally, socially, and politically. To have a minor in this program means that I can become more culturally aware about what is happening in Latin American cultures.”

    Mía Radanavong

Committee Assisting Undocumented Student Achievement - CAUSA

A faculty, staff, and student group interested in raising awareness and supporting undocumented students and their families at Illinois State University.

Learn More About CAUSA